Spotlight Bunny, at Underbelly Arts 2011, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Spotlight Bunny, Underbelly Arts 2011 on July 11,


An intimate work conceived and directed by Julie Vulcan. Performed and devised by Julie Vulcan and Friends with Deficits. With Sound Design by Ashley Scott. Onsite Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival, Cockatoo Island June 27th – July 16th

“Spotlight Bunny is a new work in development that explores location, the influence of soundtrack and the slippery nature of context. Influenced by drive-in culture and the ipod generation, it blends the past with the present to create an intimate performance for four audience members within the confines of a stationary car. From the voyeuristic safety of the car audience witness events unfold, however, things start to blur and questions regarding inside and outside arise. Live performance and film fiction conventions merge to evoke a heightened drive in experience with a fleeting homage to B-grade horror.

Upon arrival at the meeting point you will be conducted to the car by your host and ‘driver