Spotlight Bunny 2014 Castlemaine

It’s like a drive-in but live!

Spotlight Bunny is a celebration of place. It is a homage to the illuminative and sometimes surreal moments encountered driving down the road accompanied by the car stereo. It is an opportunity to step out of the familiar and an invitation to find the magic that is lurking at the periphery.

July 28 – Sept 7 2014
Julie Vulcan and Ashley Scott were in residence in Castlemaine as part of Punctum Inc’s inaugural Seedpod Amplified program.

In league with residents and inspired by local history and architecture, Julie and Ashley constructed a unique performance that inhabited the streets and walkways of Castlemaine. The audience seated inside several stationary cars, listened to specially made soundtracks and gazed out the windows at strangely un/familiar street views. The audience are invited to weave their own individual narratives as the daily lives and routines of the local community collide with pre-planned actions.

Spotlight Bunny is a visual/aural experience. It offers the audience an opportunity to see a-fresh the over-looked, familiar and mundane. In contrast to the oft lauded grand buildings and sweeping views, Spotlight Bunny provides the audience with inspiration to fill the inbetween spaces and redundant places with their own renewed sense of the extraordinary. It entices them to weave their own individual narratives, as the daily lives and routines of the local community collide with the actions superimposed.

Spotlight Bunny owes a nod to the once popular drive-in and the road movie genre.

Performance Date Sunday 7 September 2014

Times 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Afternoon Tea and Q & A  5pm – 7pm

An opportunity for exchange and sharing between the audience, the participants and the artists.

Big Thankyous

Spotlight Bunny is a work that is built around the place in which it lands. It requires the wonderful people who live there to help deliver it. This list of thankyous is growing everyday and there may be some we have missed or who wish to remain anonymous

Jude Anderson and Kylie McRae from Punctum Inc, Kate Stones, Klare Lanson, Nikki Valentini, Rose Turtle Ertler, Ben Laycock, Ron Moore,  Jane Goodrich and the Castlemaine Womens Circus, Donald Barnett, Lynne Flynn and the Castlemaine Highland Pipe Band, Jenny Divers, Bob Pratt, Daniel MacDougall, Greg Smith, Steve Hope, Deb Ratliff, Alex, Paul & Patricia – Sprout Bakery, Helen Morris, Kate Osborne, Tracey Naughton, Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, Damon Girbon, Scott Sanders, Phil McConachy, John Hannah, Allie Hanley, Robyn Walton, Alison Steele, Josh Duham.

Spotlight Bunny (Castlemaine) is made possible by the generous support of Punctum Inc and in turn The Sidney Myer Fund, the Capital – BPAC and Workspace Australia and Country Arts SA. Spotlight Bunny was first developed at Underbelly 2011